Barrie Certified WETT Inspections

Barrie Certified WETT Inspections

Wett Certified report issued at time of inspection



Home owners who heat with a wood burning appliance, such as a wood stove, fireplace or pellet stove, could be at risk. An inspection by a Wood Energy Technology Transfer  (WETT) technician can verify correct installation and safe condition of your heating unit.  Deterioration of chimney liner or excessive build up of creosote could create a fire risk to your chimney and even your home.

Due to the inherent dangers of having an open flame appliance in your home, a WETT specialty inspection can give you the peace of mind you need when buying or selling a home, living in a home, and can also be a requirement when securing insurance.

While a home inspection will include a visual inspection of the fireplace, chimney and hearth, a WETT specialty inspection conducted by the Barrie WETT certified inspector includes an inspection of all the elements of any wood burning technologies in the home to make sure that they are installed correctly and are installed in compliance with building codes and manufactures instructions. It will usually  include inspection of  the chimney for any potential structural or flue liner problems.

Your WETT Inspection will typically include the following items:

  • Chimney and Cap
  • Chimney Liner  or Clay Flue Tiles   (   Chimney must be clean to inspect )

    Barrie WETT Certified Inspector

    Barrie WETT Certified Inspector

  • Smoke Chamber  ( Proper sealing with no visible cracks )
  • Wood Stove or Fireplace Damper
  • Firebox and Firebrick Linings  ( Some are manufactured or fire brick )
  • Hearth and Floor Protection   ( 18 inches in front of door and 8 inches to side )
  • Combustible Mantle Clearance –  Clearance to combustible walls and ceiling
  • Construction of any heat shielding – must comply with CSA Standards
  • Flue Pipe Installation and Clearances
  • Chimney Foundations and Condition of Masonry
  • Overall Condition of Fireplace, Wood Stove, Pellet Stove and Chimney

Note: Some insurance companies will not insure a properly installed wood stove if it is not Certified by a Listed Testing Agency.   Warnock Hersery, ULC, UL  are some of the more common ones.

Prior to ordering a WETT Certified Inspection in Barrie you can prepare by ensuring the following items are checked:

  • Check to make sure an Inspector can access the Stoves label that has the required distances to combustibles and shows me the serial number, certification authority etc.
  • If an Inspector cannot see this label or if the label is missing, an Inspector cannot certify the unit unless it meets requirements for an uncertified wood stove.
  • Ensure all combustible materials are kept at a safe distance. Check appliance plate for distances required.  A is usually the side dimensions required with B being the distance to rear.
  • You must have a metal container with a sealed metal lid stored on a non-combustible surface for ash disposal. An Inspector will need to see it and take a picture of it for your file.
  • All fire brick inside the stove should be in good condition with no cracks or deterioration.
  • Have appliance manuals available so an Inspector can obtain any additional information that I may require.
  • Appliance, chimney and flue pipes need to be cleaned at least once a year. More if you burn a lot of wood or if the appliance is not burning clean.


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