Barrie Home Inspection Process

Barrie Home Inspection Process provides you with a Risk Free Home Inspection

Barrie Certified Master Home InspectorThe Barrie Home Inspection Process is the most important part of your home inspection.  The second most import par is knowing who your home inspector is.   Before contracting your home inspector you should review his memberships and qualifications to ensure you are hiring a competent inspector.  Many new home buyers are uncomfortable using a home inspector recommended by their Real Estate agent as there is always the possibility that the inspector maybe biased towards protecting the Real Estate agents interests.

The Home Inspection is a visual inspection of your entire home, including;  exterior, roof, foundations, decks, landscaping, drainage, interior walls, doors and windows,  plumbing and fixtures, electrical wiring and fixtures, floors, finishes, heating systems, fireplaces and your attic.  Most seasoned inspection veterans will remove or move most items to ensure an accurate inspection which protects the home buyer from any surprises when they take possession.

Knowledge of building codes, electrical codes and plumbing codes is very important when inspecting homes.   Just missing a support wall defect can cost a home owner thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs.  Leaking basements or dampness can rot out support beams which could make the entire structure unsafe.  Many Real Estate agents will list a home as having a 100 amp service when the main switch is only rated at 50 or 60 amps,  most insurance companies will not insure a home with less than a 100 amp service.

Asbestos can be very expensive to remove.   Recently I inspected a home which had two separate attics and two different types of vermiculite in each attic.  I ran into Realtor for sellers and he informed me that they had only done a sample of one attic, which came back positive for asbestos, and had both attics insulation professionally removed and replaced with non-asbestos insulation.  Now this was good for buyer but the seller most likely paid to have one attic cleaned when it was completely unnecessary.  You have to be sure of qualifications of individuals you are dealing with in order to protect your investment and your money.

A professional home inspector will typically provide you with a computer generated report with complete set of pictures detailing every maintenance or defect found during the inspection.  This report should identify issue and corrective action to be taken.  My reports usually are comprised of an average of 90 to 100 pictures which include serial numbers of any appliances and all major heating, plumbing and electrical fixtures.

A building permit is required for any new building greater than 10m (108 ft), any addition to an existing building, any material alterations to an existing building which effects: the structural design of the building; mechanical; electrical; plumbing services (no limit on size of building); fire separations; exiting; fire protection systems; and the use of buildings or parts thereof.

If your Building Official finds that some work does not conform to the approved plans, he or she will advise (and, possibly, provide written notice) that the situation is to be remedied. If the violation is serious, a stop work order may be posted until the problem is resolved. Another inspection may be necessary before work is resumed.

Thermal imaging has become a standard of most professional home inspectors.  Thermal imaging can find missing insulation, hidden moisture, hot spots and can even show you where your support studs are on exterior walls.  The Barrie Home Inspector now offers Free Thermal Imaging with every home inspection.   When looking for a home inspector consider using someone who has performed over 4,000 home inspections,  offers a money back guarantee,  is a Certified Building Code Official and also a Certified Master Inspector. Call Roger at 705-795-8255 for your home inspection.