Welcome to the Barrie WETT Inspector site for information on safety using your wood stoves and WETT requirements.We start with the safe installation of your wood heating appliance. Clearances and materials to ensure your safety are discussed and shown. Inspection of your wood stove, fireplace, insert, or pellet stove is done in accordance with requirements of CSA, Ontario Building Code and the Ontario Fire Code. Our Certified members verify that the clearances listed on your wood burning appliance are met during installation. Most Insurance companies now require an Inspection by Certified Inspector prior to issuing a policy.

Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. is a non-profit training and education association managed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by holders of valid certificates. Through its administrative designate, Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. functions as the national registrar of the Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. program. Through professional training and public education, Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. promotes the safe and effective use of wood burning systems in Canada.

Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. are the governing body who work with insurance underwriters and government bodies, to ensure safe installations and provide standards for inspections and insurance compliance of wood burning appliances, such as wood stoves and open fireplaces.

Certified Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc.inspectors will specifically inspect components of all wood-burning appliances and fireplaces to determine if they were installed safely and in accordance with building and fire code requirements. Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. inspectors are required to complete a minimum of four days of formal training and declare a minimum of 80 weeks of related field expeirence before being certified.

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