Whenever installing a Certified Chimney you have to follow the manufacturers installation instructions.  This guide is provided to help you plan your installation only.

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Wood stoves can quickly create large deposits of creosote in the chimney. Some wood stoves can create enough creosote in two weeks to cause a chimney fire. When using a wood stove, we recommend that you:
1. Initially inspect the chimney system weekly. From this you will learn how often it will be necessary to clean your chimney.
2. The chimney should be inspected at least once every 2 months during the heating season to determine if a creosote or soot build-up has occurred: if creosote or
soot has accumulated, it should be removed to reduce the risk of chimney fire.
3. Have your chimney cleaned by a qualified chimney sweep. If you want to clean your chimney yourself: clean your chimney using plastic, wood or stainless steel
brushes. Do not use a brush that will scratch the stainless steel interior of your chimney.
4. Do not expect chemical chimney cleaners to keep your chimney clean. Their use does not negate the necessity of periodically inspecting and cleaning your chimney.

If you are having a chimney fire, follow these steps:
1. Close all heater doors and combustion air controls. For fireplaces, block the fireplace opening with a noncombustible material (such as an asbestos or steel sheet).
2. Alert your family of the possible danger.
3. If you require assistance, alert your fire department.
4. If possible, use a dry chemical fire extinguisher, baking soda or sand to control the fire. Do not use water as it may cause a dangerous steam explosion.
5. Watch for smoldering or fire on combustibles next to the stove, stove pipe and chimney. Check outside to ensure that sparks and hot embers coming out of the chimney
are not igniting the roof.
6. Do not use the stove again until your chimney and stove pipe have been inspected by a qualified chimney sweep or fire department inspector.

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