Barrie WETT Inspector

The Barrie WETT Inspector

WETT Certified for over 15 years

WETT Certified Inspections on Wood Stoves, Fireplaces, Fireplace Inserts and Pellet Stoves

We offer WETT Certified inspections within 48 hours and a report is issued at time of inspection.

Fireplace Inspection

  • Check the firebox for cracked firebricks or lining material. Replace any cracked firebricks to keep the firebox in
    Barrie WETT Hearth Inspecton

    Large Fireplace Hearth

    good shape and prevent overheating which can warp steel components and turn the unit into scrap.

  • Check the operation of the damper. Quite often dampers are seized or broken which can lead to unsafe or poor operating conditions.
  • For masonry chimneys, replace any deteriorated or spalling masonry and caulk flashings as needed.
  • Ensure rain caps are present to prevent water leakage inside chimneys and their liners.
  • Clean the unit so a proper inspection can be performed.

Woodstove Inspection

  • Check the firebox for cracked firebricks, replace any cracked firebricks to keep the firebox in good shape and prevent overheating which can warp steel, crack welds and turn your woodstove into a pile of scrap metal.Space Heater WETT Inspection requirements in Barrie, Orilia or Alliston
  • Ensure flue pipes are properly secured with three screws per pipe connection or equivalent pipe clamps installed as per mfg. specs. Ensure the pipe fittings are oriented correctly and the pipe is also sloped correctly.
  • Check the damper operation, door gasket for deterioration and the door glass for cracking.
  • Ensure any heat shielding is secured and in good condition.
  • Keep wood storage and combustible materials at least 4 feet away from the wood stove in all directions at ALL times.

These items listed above are typical of the deficiencies found during WETT inspections that homeowners can easily deal with themselves prior to the WETT inspection to ensure their unit will meet the required standards.

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