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inspect your wood burning appliance by certified inspectorThe Scope of a Level 2 WETT Inspection is termed as “Accessible” , which includes the following: 1) A Level 1 inspection, and
(2) an inspection of all “accessible” components of the system for clearance to combustibles and for obstructions or deposits, and
(3) an evaluation of the construction, sizing, condition and suitability of “accessible” components of the system.

The purpose of a the Level 2 inspection is to : 1) When a Level 1 inspection is deemed insufficient because of a detected or suspected compliance issue or hazard, or
(2) when verification of the suitability and integrity of the system components is required, or
(3) after an operating malfunction or external event that may have caused damage to the system, or
(4) if the system experiences combustion spillage events, or
(5) when an appliance is replaced, or
(6) when a major system component is replaced or requires significant repair.

The Process of performing a Level 1 WETT inspection includes:
(1) A basic visual inspection by a WETT certified SITE inspector; performed without a ladder or specialized tools.
(2) A report using WETT##Q##s recommended inspection checklist(s) or similar checklist(s), for the type of system being inspected.

The chimney is usually the most difficult part of the system to inspect properly. Chimneys which run up through the house are often inaccessible at critical points, such as ceiling and attic penetrations. In some cases, even though you can see sections of the chimney, they cannot be reached with a tape measure to confirm their clearance to combustible building materials. Flue liners are subject to cracking inside masonry chimneys, or buckling and corrosion in the case of metal chimneys. It is difficult to inspect a chimney inspection.com/tag/wett/” title=”View all articles about wett here”>wett-inspection.com/tag/liner/” title=”View all articles about liner here”>liner unless it has just been cleaned.

A certified technician or chimney sweep will prepare a detailed, written report and have the homeowner sign it. He or she will make sure the homeowner understands the report, especially those areas where problems are found.

Many insurance companies in Canada are requiring Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) inspections, an inspection of wood burning appliances, before issuing insurance. A WETT-inspector will visually inspect the safety of any wood-burning appliances. Call the Barrie Home inspector for all your wood burning inspection requirements.

The Orillia Home Inspector is WETT Certified and has been providing WETT inspection services since 2005. Let the Orillia Home inspectors expertise and training protect your home and investment. Whether purchasing a new home with a fireplace or wood stove or installing a new wood burning appliance call the Orillia Home Inspector.

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